The following articles are available in the Hendy Iron Works Museum for a tax-deductible contribution in the amounts indicated:

1. "The Iron Men of Hendy" by George Gayer 1985 (48pp). This is the story of the Joshua Hendy Iron Works (1856-1947). $10.00

2. "To The End Of The Rainbow" by Herb J. Cabral 1991 (104pp). This is the story of the Sunnyvale plant with emphasis on the Westinghouse Electric Corporation years (1947-early 1990s). $10.00

3. "The Joshua Hendy Iron Works - A National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark" 1978 (16pp). This is the “Souvenir Program” published for the dedication ceremony by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) on December 14, 1978. $5.00

4. “This is Hendy” booklet. A 1945 advertizing booklet with a brief history and many plan and product photos of the Joshua Hendy Iron Works. $10.00

5. Iron Man Museum Postcards: A selection of four different photos from the Hendy Iron Works days for .50 cents each.

6. Iron Man Museum Ceramic Coffee Mugs. A souvenir cup displaying the Iron Man Museum logo. $7.00

7. Iron Man Museum Stainless Steel Travel Mugs. A logo souvenir cup of the Joshua Hendy Iron Works. $10.00

8. Photo Poster of a Hendy Gold Stamp Mill. 16” by 20“ poster of the Murphy Park rebuilt stamp mill. $15.00

9. Hendy/Westinghouse Tool Check key chains. Souvenir key chains. $1.00