Founded in San Francisco in 1856, the Joshua Hendy Iron Works is a major business that contributed much to the early history of the Western United States. Products have included iron and steel castings, forgings, machined components, fabrications and assemblies that contributed to a wide variety of equipment and industries. Major early product lines included saw mill equipment and mining equipment used all over the world. Following the destruction of Hendy's San Francisco shops in the earthquake and fire of 1906, the company acquired property in Sunnyvale and rebuilt, expanding its operations and becoming the first non-agricultural based industry in Santa Clara County. The "Iron Men of Hendy" assumed critical roles in the war efforts of both World War I and World War II. Westinghouse purchased the Iron Works in 1947 and continued to build a wide variety of heavy industrial and defense products, becoming the corporation's Marine Division in 1965. On May 1st of 1959, Westinghouse bought the adjacent Wooldridge Company who's main product was Earth Moving Equipment. The Sunnyvale plant was again sold in 1996 and after more than 150 years of continuous operation on the west coast, is now operated as Northrop Grumman Marine Systems.
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